disclaimer electrum wallet channel

This page and it's public segwit ID: bc1qd4rc03a4kwq6egc87drlqmrhd9lm966k6e8s4g is not related in any way to, the developers and coders of electrum(.org) or the electrum community.

This is an electrum news channel example ..This is an electrum news channel example on a friendica site in the decentralized social web which is powered by it's own community and mend as a showcase for provable unique segwit ID's in the federated internet.

As any bitcoin address has the unique capability to sign it's messages to prove the ownership of the address, in this case only a holder of the private keys of bc1qd4rc03a4kwq6egc87drlqmrhd9lm966k6e8s4g can issue final statements about anything related to this address in particular.

Information about the use of the electrum wallet.

signing window option in a watching only electrum wallet: